About The Little Studio on The Street

The Little Studio on The Street is a small, independent artist studio, workshop and tuition space in Ash, Kent. This site is our online shop and new products will be added frequently as we make new work - we believe in selling beautiful handcrafted work direct from the maker and supporting independent artists and makers all of whom live and work in the area surrounding the Studio.

Alison Craddock, the artist who runs the studio: "My work is primarily based around abstract painting and various sorts of printing. I started turning my paintings into prints and cards etc in order to make them accessible and enjoyable for all. I also do print runs of my original linocuts every now and again and new cards will be added to the site all the time. During the covid lockdown my obsession with my little veggie plot fed into my art as you can see from some of my cards.

Every purchase, however small is so helpful and vitally important to us. Please support your small local businesses, independent artists and makers. Without your support they may well disappear forever. 

We are supporters of the @justacard campaign which supports small businesses and highlights the fact that every purchase, however small, whether it be just a card, or just a book, just a teatowel, just a bunch of flowers ….. you get the idea ..... makes all the difference and adds up to potential survival for that small business. We love it when you admire our work, say how lovely it is, wish us luck ..... but we love it even more when you make a little purchase, it gives us such a morale boost.

Other local artists and makers also sell their work in the shop and online here so watch this space and please keep popping back! Thank you!

with love and best wishes, stay safe, Alison x